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Name: Polly Mumma Date: 9/4/15
Address: 2806 64th Street Telephone: 515-276-9645
Des Moines, IA 50322 EMail: polly@springertigger.com
Occupation: Librarian

Current ETSCA Member endorsements:
D.J. Bell Jamie Ward

Interested in English Toy Spaniels for 3 years and owns one ETS.
Other breeds: Springers. Polly has not been a member of ETSCA previously and does belong to ESSFTA and the Des Moines Obedience Training Club.

In late 2012, after losing my mother and elderly Shih Tzu, Boomer (Sweet Polly’s Underdog, CD), within a span of 4 months, the hole my 2 English Springer Spaniels and I felt was enormous. I set out looking for a Shih Tzu. I found numerous, well-bred puppies; I was hoping for a middle-aged adult. I just wanted a companion. Someone who would sit on the sidelines and cheer the Springers on. Then, one day, I found the perfect dog – an English Toy Spaniel. I started whining to a very dear friend how much I wanted one. “They’re so rare how could someone like me ever have one?’ She referred me to one of her long-time friends, Janelle Smedley. Networking through Janelle, I found myself on a very cold January day in Debi Bell’s living room in Columbia, MO. That’s where I met Peter. Peter is a character. He is pretty sure he’s a Springer. Peter is not afraid to voice his opinions, usually unsolicited, about everything. His overall cuteness, big dog attitude and joie de vivre make him popular. At least one person I know acquired her own ETS based upon my pictures and tales of Peter.

Peter and I have been together for four years now. We embarked on our share of adventures. Our first big adventure was Conformation! I have shown in Agility. I have secretaried a multitude of Obedience and Rally trials over the past decade. I have shown in Agility. I have done tracking. Conformation was by far the hardest dog event I have ever done. Fortunately, Peter is a good sport — and a lovely ETS. Somehow (with lots of help from many friends, and even a couple of judges helping me position him on the table so they could give him ribbons) we bumbled and stumbled our way to a Ch. Since then, I have helped with the local specialty each September. Peter and I have tried obedience classes, but well, precision and strict rule following aren’t really Peter’s wheelhouse. We have done Agility classes. I’m hoping we can go Tracking. What Peter does best is to fill the role he was bred for –comforter spaniel. I tell people that Peter lives in my lap. That’s pretty close to the truth. When I sit down, he’s waiting to be picked up. His goal in life is to give love and affection, and he’s pretty darn good at it. It feels like Peter has always been here. He’s such a part of our lives, I can’t imagine life without him.

Signed: Polly Mumma


It has been my pleasure to have known Polly Mumma for more than three years. A longtime mutual friend referred Polly to me when Polly was planning to buy her first Charlie. Polly had owned and loved English Springer Spaniels for many years having activity participated in obedience and rally. Polly had researched English Toy Spaniels and seemed very well informed about the breed. Polly purchased “Peter” from Debi Bell, and I think has been smitten with the breed ever since. Polly has been very active in the Des Moines Obedience Training Club serving in roles such as recording secretary, newsletter editor and trial secretary for many years.

Polly has actively helped with coordinating the ETSCA Regional Specialty in Des Moines for 3 years. She has many talents that will benefit ETSCA greatly. I am pleased to recommend to the ETSCA board and members that she be voted to membership.

Signed: Jamie Ward


I am exceptionally pleased to support Polly Mumma’s application for membership in the ETSCA. I have known Polly since early 2013, when she contacted me to discuss her interest in the breed. At the time, Polly had two English Springer Spaniels and upon losing her old shih tzu, had researched small breeds and decided to look for a Charlie to add to her home. I placed a young male with her and I have been glad about that decision every day since then. Polly provides an exceptional home for her dogs – she keeps them busy, happy, healthy, and spoiled. She loves them for who they are (even when they are challenging!) and she sees their potential. Even though Polly’s primary interests are in obedience and performance events, Polly has finished championships on her young springer (the first is field bred) and her ETS, Peter. She even came to shows for several months and followed me around, gor grooming and handling lessons, and finished Peter herself! Those who know Peter (Peter Pan)…who is true to his name and is usually right on – or even over – the edge of too happy and boisterous for a show dog) will understand what a feat that was. Polly’s dedication to Peter and to her springers, Keno and Tigger, is what we all look for in “true dog people”

Polly is equally dedicated to the sport of dogs. When she’s not working at her day job in library science at Des Moines Area Community College, she serves as Obedience/Rally Trial Secretary for the Des Moines Obedience Trial Club and spends hours preppping shows, early mornings and long days at trials, and from what I can tell (that’s not my club), pitches in with whatever is needed. Even though she isn’t a member of ETSCA, she has been an active contributor to our club for over two years. As Jamie Ward was stepping back from her years of service with the ETSCA Regional Specialty held in Des Moines each fall, Polly was ready and willing to jump in. She has essentially served as show chair for the past two years. She attends the specialty cluster meetings, helps with the judge’s travel/housing arrangements, show set-up, and pretty much anything that is needed. Last fall, we were short of ring help (as were were also providing judge’s education) and Polly even pitched in to steward after a 2 minute tutorial. All of this for a club that she does not belong to, because she enjoys the breed, dog events, and the camaraderie of our sport.

In sum, Polly will be a great asset to the ETSCA. She is a great supporter of the breed, a tireless volunteer, and an all-around good person. I am happy she chose our breed.

Submitted by Debora Bell