ETSCA Supports AKC Canine Health Foundation Grant

ETSCA is using a portion of our donor-advised funds at AKC-CHF to help support this grant on
cardiac health:

Cardiology- Predicting Disease Stage and Diuretic Responsiveness in Dogs With Acquired Heart

Darcy B. Adin, DVM; North Carolina State University May 1, 2018 – October 31, 2019

Briefly, this project is looking at the reasons why some dogs may be less responsive to diuretic
medications, the best available treatment for congestive heart failure. Identifying the factors
that affect treatment responsiveness is an important step in improving outcomes for dogs with this

Thanks to the ETSCA Health Committee members Debi Bell, Bonnie Miller, Jane Naimark, Karen Pouder,
and Tina Sterling, and the ETSCA Board for approving this support!

And MAJOR THANKS to ETSCA members who have donated to AKC-CHF, either directly or through
participation in the Purina Parent Club Partnership!

**remember, if you’re a member of Purina ProClub and designate ETSCA as the club you want to
support, Purina will donate 5% of your product receipt submissions to CHF (that money is what is
supporting this grant) and another 5% to ETSCA to support health research, education, and rescue***

For more information, including the full project abstract, click here