Comparing the ETS to the Cavalier


The English Toy Spaniel is a bright and interested little dog, affectionate and willing to please. The Cavalier is gay, friendly, non-aggressive with no tendency toward nervousness or shyness. Bad temper, shyness and meanness are not to be tolerated and are to be so severely penalized as to effectively remove the specimen from competition.

Ring Presentation

The American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (ACKCSC), the AKC parent club, strongly recommends that in the ring, the Cavalier be handled naturally and with a minimum of fuss. The Cavalier is normally shown on a loose or semi-loose lead and is allowed to self-stack while free baiting with the handler standing. It is totally unacceptable to see handlers on their knees hand stacking their Cavaliers, and judges should instruct exhibitors who make this mistake to stand while showing their dog. Cavaliers are not to be raced around the ring but shown at a moderate trot.

The ETSC of America does not specify a preference for ring presentation.

These two frequently confused breeds are entirely different in every respect except for coat colors. Both parent clubs are adamant that the distinctions be respected and maintained.

Cindy Huggins has owned, bred and shown Cavaliers since 1975 and English Toy Spaniels since 1991. Under the affix of Torlundy/Courtlore, she has bred more than 45 champions in the combined breeds. She currently serves on the Judges Education Committee for the ACKCSC, gives seminars across the country and is licensed to judge Cavaliers.


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