The English Toy Spaniel Club of America, Inc. is maintaining a national rescue endeavor for dogs of the fancy that need to be rescued. It is our express desire to come to the aid of dogs that have been abandoned, abused, neglected, lost or just need to be rehomed.

Our mission is to spay/neuter and find qualified, loving, forever homes for English Toy Spaniels that have been rescued.

ETSCA does require its members to follow the club's Code of Ethics concerning dogs that they have bred during their lifetime. Any dog that has been bred by an ETSCA member, is that members responsibility to rescue for the lifetime of the dog.

Remember: We as humans, are responsible for the safety and happiness of a very special breed of dog.

Contacts: Jane Naimark 724-789-9681

Or: Mary Hoagland 609-397-3148